Minggu, 29 Mei 2016

Direct and Indirect Sentences

Change Direct speech into indirect speech

1.      Deni said,”I will give you a book tomorrow.”
      Deni said that he would give me a book tomorrow.

2.      She said,“I work in a restaurant.”
      She said that she worked in a restaurant.

3.      They said, “We are going to go to Jogjakarta.”
      They said that they were going to go to Jogjakarta.

4.      William said, “I am happy.”
       William said that he was happy.

5.      I said,”Johnny has been waiting for you for two hours.”
      I said that Johnny had been waiting for you for two hours.

6.      He said, “I want to watch a film.”
He said that he wanted to watch a film.

7.      Maria said, “Jane is sleeping.”
Maria said that Jane was sleeping.

8.      Sule said, “ I have bought a new dress.”
Sule said that he had bought a new dress.

9.      Alex said, “ I finished my homework.”
Alex said that he had finished his homework.

10.  Fahri said, “ I can carry 50 kg.”
Fahri said that he could carry 50 kg.

11.  ‘What do you want?’ she asked him. 
      She asked him what he wanted.

12.  ‘Are you coming with us?’ he asked me. 
      He asked me if I was coming/going with them.

13.  He asked, ‘When do you intend to make the payment?’ 
      He enquired when I/he/she intended to make the payment.

14.  ‘Do you come from China?’ said the prince to the girl. 
      The prince asked the girl if she came from China.

15.  The poor man exclaimed, ‘Will none of you help me?’ 
      The poor man exclaimed whether none of them would help him.

Change indirect speech into direct speech
1.      I told him that I could fix this computer immediately.
      I told him,”I can fix this computer immediately.”

2.      He said that he was delighted.
      He said,” I was delighted.”

3.      Boni said that Ani was his best friend.
      Boni said,”Ani is my best friend.

4.      Angga said that the weather was nice in Bandung.
Angga said,”The weather is nice in Bandung.”

5.      Marry told us that she had to go.
      Marry told us,”I have to go.”

6.      Ben said that it might rain.
Ben said, “ It may rain.”

7.      He said that everybody had to obey the rules.
He said, “ Everybody must obey the rules. “

8.      She said that she had to go home.
She said, “ I have to go home.”

9.      He said that he is going to school everyday.
He said, “ I am going to school everyday. “

10.  Feni said that she went to school everyday.
Feni said, I go to school everyday.

11.  The little girl asked which way she should go.
‘Which way should I go?’ asked the little girl.

12.  Alladin asked the magician what he had done to deserve so severe a punishment.
Alladin said to the magician, ‘What have I done to deserve so severe a punishment?’

13.  I asked her whether she did not know the way home.
‘Don’t you know the way home?’ I said to her.

14.  The teacher asked the student if he/she wrote a good hand.
‘Do you write a good hand?’ the teacher said to the student.

15.  The judge finally asked whether he/she had anything to say on behalf of the accused.
‘Have you anything to say on behalf of the accused?’ said the judge finally.

Sabtu, 28 Mei 2016

Dewa Athena

On the first day of Dewa Athena, I went to Bali Field wearing my class jersey at 06.30 am. The field was crowded. The weather is quite cold and cloudy. I was afraid it would be raining but in fact there was no rain until the show over.

The first show was marathon. I ran from Bali Street through Belitung Street, Sumatra Street, Jawa Street, and back to Bali Street. Then, I participated in Gobak Sodor competition against X science 4. It was a hard game, because I just knew the rules that day and the opponent was good. But at last, my class won. While some of my classmate were playing Gobak Sodor Reyhan and Naafi played badminton, they won too.

 Next competition was tug of war. When my class was about to play the tug of war, one of my friend took a class photograph. It was great like the tug of war competition, because we won the tug of war competition. It was very tight.

     In the day, there were a lot of the girls compete in dodgeball, futsal, and badminton and they all won. And the last competition was boys futsal. From the first half, the situation was already intense. My class and their class play fast and strong. Suddenly they scored. In the second half, they scored again and the final score was 2-0. It was the first lost of my class. Then we went home.       

          The first match on the second day was basketball. We played against X1. It was a good game. Both team played well. It was very exhausting because in basketball, everyone had a role in defend or offensive condition. We played for 20 minutes. I was very happy because our class won the game.

          At the same time with basketball, our class played dodge ball. It was very excited. The opponent was good, but may class was better. So, we won the dodgeball competition. After the dodgeball game, we won the tug of war competition.

          The last game at that day was volleyball competition. X-8 against XI-8. I think that was the most competitive game our class had ever played. We played 3 sets. We lost in the second set and won on the first and third set. On the last set, deuce was happened over and over again. We were so close to get beaten, but finally we won.

          On the third day, my class competed in dodgeball, gobak sodor, chess, badminton, and tug of war. We played gobak sodor and won our first and second game that made us went to the semifinal. For Tug of war competition, we lost because a lot of our member got hurt.
          Until now Dewa Athena has not finished yet. My class still play basketball, gobak sodor, volleyball, and girl futsal. I hope we can win all of the remaining competition.